Sponsors and Donors

Dear Sponsor;

On behalf of THE FAMILY COMMUNITY  AND AJAX KIDS PLACE we would like to introduce to you our new sponsorship package form. Please find the details  of what type of programs and  opportunities available for your organization to sponsor. We would be thrilled to have your support for the 2015/16SESSIONS.
The Kids Place  has a variety of sponsorship options for your consideration ranging from sponsoring one  child or more to an entire program or/and events. Other areas of opportunities are also available for sponsorship, which will serve to promote your community initiatives and business.
. As a “Primary” you will be able to obtain full naming rights to a particular event, your company name is included on all event advertising and documentation and displayed on our website.
As a “Secondary” sponsor to the event your company banner would be displayed at field level during the event and your company name would be listed on our website.
The Family Community / Ajax Kids Place is a new initiative of committed professionals seeking  to

provide a facility for Family Recreation and information
promote  full potential development in children, in area of education, sports ,relationship, social skills and recreation
Please take a moment and review the application which  can be downloaded through the links below  and email back to us
If you require any further information regarding sponsorship, please call the main office at 905-914-0410 or send me an email at directorofprograms@tkp4u.com

List of sponsor coming soon